Overcome present difficulties together with copper! Hailiang medical copper pipes rush to help epidemic prevention project construction nationwide

After first batch on Feb.4th, on Feb.6th, the second batch of over 400 thousand of medical copper pipes from Hailiang used for construction of epidemic prevention isolation hospital shipped out again, from Diankou Town, Zhuji City where the company is located, rushed to epidemic prevention project construction sites nationwide.


After the outbreak of corona virus, Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center, Shenzhen No.3 Peoples’ Hospital, Foshan Emergency Rescue Hospital and other medical organizations from the whole country all sent letters to Hailiang, expressing that they hoped that the company can provide medical copper pipes that required by new construction of isolation hospitals as quickly as possible. Facing these special “orders”, Hailiang responded positively. On one hand, they deployed existing internal company resource to prioritize to secure supply needs of epidemic prevention projects; on the other hand, they urgently restarted production line by applying to government departments for returning to work to make sure that the copper pipe needs on upcoming national epidemic prevention project construction can be satisfied.

Zhenjiang base of Hailiang has already shipped out the first batch of copper pipes on Feb.4th with the quantity of over 600 thousand meters, and those pipes arrived Foshan and Shenzhen on the second day. With the second batch on Feb.6th, the company has shipped out over 1 million meters of high-quality medical copper pipes accumulatively during the Spring Festival period to rush to help epidemic prevention project construction around the whole country.

In upcoming days, Hailiang will actively deploy production and supply capability of all domestic copper machining bases, conduct transportation and delivery work in time and efficiently, make all efforts to secure construction and operation of all epidemic prevention projects nationwide, and make contribute to the victory over epidemic prevention and control.


Hailiang owns 15 production bases in total at home and abroad, the company took the lead to draft industry standard - Seamless Copper Pipes for Medical Gases and Vacuum in 2019. The draft has already been completed and submitted for approval.

Copper pipes are widely used in medical gases and vacuum field such as hospital centralized oxygen supply, operating room purified gas transportation, compressed gas, negative pressure suction, etc. due to its apparent effect on inhibition of bacterial reproduction. And the medical copper pipes manufactured by Hailiang are widely adopted by both domestic and international medical organizations due to their endurance, health, environment protection and good mechanic performance.