Company Profile

Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd. is a core industry company of Hailiang Group. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been committed to the R&D, production, sales and service of high quality copper products, new materials of conductors and new aluminum-based materials. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange at 16th January 2008, stock code is 002203. It is a benchmark and leading enterprise in copper pipe and rod processing industry worldwide. 

By 31 December 2022, the total asset of Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd. reached 33.486 billion yuan, with 12.719 billion yuan of net asset belonging to the shareholders of the listed company. In 2022, the company generated 73.87 billion yuan of total revenue and 1.208 billion yuan of net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company.

    • 73.87

      operating income of the company was CNY 73.87 billion

    • 1.505

      total profit was CNY 1.505 billion

    • 1.208

      net margin of shareholders was CNY 1.208 billion

Hailiang’s core products are copper-based materials such as copper pipe, copper rod and copper foil, with thousands of brands and tens of thousands of specifications. They are widely used in household appliance, equipment and instrument, ship, electricity, new energy vehicles, energy storage, photovoltaic, wind energy, semiconductor, 5G communication and so on.

Hailiang has 22 production bases in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Taishan and Zhongshan of Guangdong, Vietnam, Thailand, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shandong, Gansu, the United States, Berlin and Menden of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia and other Asian, American and European areas. It has accumulated a large number of high-quality and stable customers domestically and abroad. It has also established long-term and stable business relationships with nearly 10,000 customers in 132 countries or regions in material procurement and product sales. Additionally, it has become strategic partners with many industry-leading companies and has been deeply trusted and recognized by its customers, awarded gold customer and supplier, global partner, and other honors by many customers.The company won “Good Credibility Enterprise” for thirteen years, obtains several provincial research institutes and innovation teams. “Hailiang Copper Fabrication Techniques Development Laboratory” is a key laboratory of Ministry of Education in China.

  • 188

    Trading with 188 countries
    and regions

  • 10000

    More than 10,000 customers

  • 13years

    The company won "Good Credibility
    Enterprise" for thirteen years

For thirty-four years' hard working, by the spirits of pragmatic, innovative, efficiency, brilliant,   service and dedication, Zhejiang Hailiang occupied a steady space in the intense market competition.High market share, high brand value, high techniques and high quality made the company a leading position in copper fabrication industry.  Zhejiang Hailiang will keep growing finer and stronger; devote to becoming an international century enterprise and leading the development of copper fabrication industries.